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Online Fleet Reporting / Analytics

What is your fleet’s monthly fuel consumption? Are any of your vehicles exceeding their kilometer targets? Has all maintenance work been done according to recommended schedules? These are just a few of the details that a fleet manager needs to track. So wouldn’t it be nice if it was all in one place?

Jim Pattison Lease offers an online reporting system that is effective and easy-to-use, and is a great way to manage your fleet. It offers you:


  • A detailed tracking system that generates useful fleet analytics and reports including: summary of variable expenses, monthly activities, cents per km summary, premium fuel exceptions and maintenance history
  • Want to know specific details about your fleet? We are able to build custom reporting groups so that you get the right information for your business
  • Online, accessible worldwide, 24/7
  • Every report is downloadable in a variety of formats, perfect for tax and expense filing, and everything is archived
  • Track each driver individually, and monitor their vehicle expenses through online reporting
  • Driver’s can update odometer and personal mileage themselves
  • Detailed reports means you can quickly identify any of your fleet’s red flags or problem areas
  • All of your charges are sent out in a single, comprehnsive bill. That means no more sorting through expenses or issuing multiple cheques
  • Automatic bank debit or electronic funds transfers available
  • Did you know that the personal kilometers your employees drive in a company car is considered a tax benefit? Our reporting system can generate a yearly taxable benefit assessment for them
  • No more saving individual receipts - downloadable expense and payment reports means easy tax filing
  • Based on your reports we conduct ongoing assessment of your fleet, and suggest how to make your fleet more cost effective
  • You can expect a quick response from your local fleet expert to any questions or concerns you have about any report
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