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Whether you are a small business or a large corporation we can meet your commercial car leasing and fleet management needs. Take a look at some of our lease results.

Lease Structure - lease vs buy, short vs long term, open vs closed

Do I lease a fleet, or do I buy? Is an open-end or closed-end lease better? How can I reduce my fleet operating costs and manage my cash flow?

Planning how your leases will be structured is complicated, but we have the expertise to help you wade through the details and to make sure you’re on the right track. Our lease experts will provide recommendations based on your financial and operational needs:

  • We are one of the only fleet leasing companies in Canada to offer both open-end and closed-end, true operating leases
  • Consider a close-ended lease if you want to eliminate vehicle resale uncertainty at the end of your lease
  • Consider an open-ended lease if complete flexibility is required and you’re not worried about exposure to fluctuating vehicle values at the end your lease
  • Is it important to your company to always have the latest models? We have lease terms as short as one year
  • Or is spreading out costs more important? Then you may want to consider some of our longer term leases and car rentals
  • Got a big project coming up? A cost effective short term lease might help your business
  • Looking to reduce your fleet payments further? We lease used cars and trucks
  • Already own your vehicles? Need to free up capital? We offer purchase and leaseback options to consolidate your fleet under one management system
  • What is your corporate insurance policy? We’ll work with your broker to ensure you’ve got the correct insurance before you take delivery of your fleet

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