Due to the global shortage of microchips or semi-conductors, many vehicle manufacturers have been forced to idle plants for varying periods throughout the year. This has dramatically affected production resulting in vehicle shortages and extensive delivery times, notably the pickup truck and cargo van segments. Manufacturers are still trying to fulfill 2021 model commitments, with planned production, in some cases, scheduled until November. This late build will affect 2022 orders, and we anticipate a short window to order certain 2022 vehicle lines.

Plan Ahead

To meet your vehicle business needs and ensure you have the right vehicle at the right time, Jim Pattison Lease recommends factory-ordering vehicles and looking 12 months ahead to see what your business vehicle requirements will be. Delivery on factory-ordered vehicles is running 6-9 months, hence the need to place orders now.

Should your business have immediate vehicle needs, our Account Executives will make every effort to secure a vehicle from dealer inventory. Please note that current dealer inventory is very limited as supply is low and demand is high.

To learn more about vehicle factory ordering or if you are looking for vehicles for immediate business needs, please contact your Account Executive today.

Article by Wayne Rose, Senior Vice-President Sales, Fleet Services