How can implementing telematics benefit your fleet?

Fleet management companies are adopting telematics technologies at a rapidly increasing pace. Take your fleet to the next level with Jim Pattison Lease approved telematics solutions to obtain meaningful intelligence from your vehicles and use it to your advantage.

With extensive analytical capabilities, our fleet telematics solutions harness a variety of data sources such as engine diagnostics, location and direction, driving behaviour, and much more to maximize your fleet’s productivity, reduce safety concerns, and boost fuel efficiency. Flexible solutions from simple plug-and-play devices to hard-wired covert installs are available, with dependable 24/7 support.

Asset Optimization

Seamlessly keep your entire mobile workforce organized and on track with accurate location-based HOS logs (hours of service).

Safer Driving & Operations

Immediate notifications when safety rules are broken, including speeding, harsh driving, and unbuckled drivers. Leverage forensic telematics data to understand the events that occurred prior, during, and after a motor vehicle incident.

Preventative Maintenance

Enjoy smarter, customizable, engine data-based recommended maintenance schedules to extend the life of your assets.


Rest assured that your team will give their best effort at all times and adhere to designated routes through customizable geofencing technology.

Fuel Savings

Reduce company fuel costs and improve fuel economy by instantly identifying unnecessary idling, speeding, and poor route planning.

Environmental Sustainability

Ability to offer insights using data on zero-emission, alternative fuel, and electric vehicles.

Ready to implement telematics into your fleet?