Jim Pattison Lease has developed an in-house team dedicated to transitioning customers to a more environmentally sustainable fleet future.

Through this industry leading program, fleet operators will receive support in analyzing, planning, and implementing sustainable vehicle fleet solutions to assist customers move towards a carbon free future, including managing the transition to electric and zero emission vehicles.

“Road transport in Canada accounts for approximately 85% of greenhouse gas emissions within the transportation sector and will continue to have a significant environmental impact on the communities we live and work in” said Ryan D’Souza, President of Jim Pattison Lease. “Our customers rely on us to deliver industry leading leasing and fleet management solutions and it is important for us to ensure they have the support needed to lower their carbon footprint, while continuing to operate their businesses efficiently”

The program will be available to all companies that operate commercial vehicle fleets and are looking for ways to reduce their fleet carbon emissions.

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