With the fall and winter seasons just around the corner, now is the time to ensure your fleet and drivers are properly equipped to brave the cold. Remember, an ordinary driver reacts to road situations, a good driver anticipates crises and avoids them. Keeping your vehicle in good technical repair reduces your overall chances for any mishap or disaster while driving – particularly in winter weather. Below are some tips to stay prepared and safe this season!

  1. Get your vehicle ready for winter in the fall as repair shop wait times can significantly increase when the snow starts to fall.
  2. Install four matching tires, check tire pressures, and consider opting for winter tires (some provinces require winter-specific tires).
  3. Pack an emergency safety kit.
  4. Plan trips ahead, and remember to check road and weather conditions.
  5. Remove all snow from vehicles before each trip.
  6. Account for extra travel time for trips in bad weather, including allocating extra road time for route-based fleets.
  7. Avoid using cruise control on slippery roads.
  8. Travel with a fully charged cell phone.

For EV owners, some additional tips are:

  1. Use heated seats/steering wheels and rely less on cabin heat.
  2. Select a low-performance mode.
  3. Park in direct sunlight whenever possible.
  4. Always leave the house with a full battery.
  5. To be on the safe side, never let your battery level dip below 20%. Your car will need a reserve of power to get warmed up and ready to charge in the harsh cold.
  6. If you know when you plan to drive, you can schedule the charging session to make sure you heat the car and warm the battery up before you set off.

Article by Melinda Boyd, Director of Fleet Services