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Are telematics programs a fit for your fleet?

Fleet management customers are adopting telematics technology at a rapidly increasing pace. More companies are connecting their vehicles in order to gain real-time insights into what is occurring within their fleet. A good fleet management company understands that telematics is an important tool that can help improve safety, economics and tracking of any type of fleet. Some of the benefits of a telematics program include:


The convenience of a telematics system provides access to important data that can be found on a 24/7 online dashboard. Some of these metrics include:

  • Speed Alerts
  • Harsh Acceleration & Harsh Braking
  • Maintenance Alerts
  • Engine Fault Alerts
  • Excessive Idling
  • Accident Detection


A telematics system can increase fleet and driver productivity through accurate trip recording and the use of customer zones and geofences.


Safety is improved by using a good telematics system as it gives advanced insight into driving behaviours with access to risk and safety reports and can provide notifications when accidents happen. A telematics system can also be utilized as a tool to support company safety policies.

Driver Support

With the increasing need to monitor on-road time, an important tool provided by most telematics’ solutions is the ability for drivers to track their hours of service (HOS) using an Electronic Logging Device (ELD). It’s important to ensure your telematics supplier offers a solution that will give drivers the ability to track and monitor their hours of service using a handheld device.

Fleet Optimization

Fleet optimization allows you to monitor vehicle health with alerts based on fault diagnostics and engine information. This assists in the reduction of fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and unnecessary maintenance repairs. In addition, telematics data can help fleets enhance productivity through route selection and optimization.

Full Integration

A standard approach for a fleet management company should be to provide integrated telematics through customizable fleet management systems where it can complement other tools such as mobile and analytic solutions. The goal is to provide a cohesive solution combining financial and operational fleet data where customers can realize maximum efficiency from their fleet through a single, consolidated online fleet management platform.

Effective Customization

Telematics brings with it a substantial amount of information; therefore, any analytics system should be designed to be extremely customizable but in a simple and easy-to-use manner. Furthermore, this technology has the potential to offer a higher grade of coverage through an alert system that can be configured to highlight the key data that needs to be brought to the surface. Based on rules set by fleet managers, only the information of utmost importance is refined for review. This means easier and quicker decision making for your company.

Device Agnostic Approach

An experienced fleet management company in the area of telematics will have a system that supports many types of devices as supplied by any provider. The main goal in this area should be to consolidate everything into one solution available on a web portal.

This is small insight into the value of having a telematics system embedded within your fleet. Jim Pattison Lease is excited about the future of connected fleets and the impact on safety, operating costs, fleet utilization and visibility. We are more than happy to field further questions or reassurances. For more information, don’t hesitate to stop by during business hours or contact us!



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