EV’s best practices can be different from how drivers are used to with traditional gas vehicles or Internal combustion engines – ICE. Battery life is the biggest concern of new EV buyers. We at Jim Pattison Lease prepared these great tips to help maximize the life of your EV battery.

Tip #1

Don’t fully charge your battery every time unless taking a long-distance trip. Studies show that an 80% charge is ideal for prolonging the battery’s state of health. Much like laptops batteries, they will lose their ability to hold charge if plugged in all the time or frequently charged to the maximum capacity.

Tip #2

On the other end, don’t let the battery fall below 20% too often. Operating frequently at a low state of charge also decreases battery’s state of health.

Tip #3

Reduce using fast charging stations where possible. Sometimes operations demand a high-duty fleet to use level 3 fast charging stations, but whenever possible, a level 2 station is recommended. This is because of the heat generated during the fast charge accelerates battery degradation.

Tip #4

Most EV batteries have built-in thermal management systems to maintain ideal temperatures (usually cooling the battery), but it’s great practice to park indoors or find a shady parking spot during a sunny day. Lower temperatures help prolong the battery life, so it’s smart to always give the battery some time to cool down after a hot day’s drive rather than immediately plugging in for charging.

Tip #5

Stops and slower routes are more energy efficient than highways, which is different from ICE vehicles. In other words, the fastest route may not be the most energy efficient route for EVs, as the battery can recharge from braking.

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Written by Juliana Holanda
Customer Experience Representative
Jim Pattison Lease