Amidst today’s highly logistical landscape where operational excellence is necessary, an ever-increasing number of fleet managers are actively pursuing telematics solutions. These solutions lead to elevating fleet operations and improving efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

When choosing a telematics provider to reach these goals, there are some specific needs fleet managers should focus on in order to make valuable informed decisions:

Vehicle & Driver Monitoring

Vehicle & Driver MonitoringTelematics enhances fleet management through live tracking, safety monitoring, efficiency metrics, proactive maintenance alerts, and Electronic Logging Device compliance. Anonymized data is used to compare similar fleet statistics to help create accurate benchmarks which can be viewed on customizable easy to understand dashboards. An example of how this data can be used would be comparing a driver with other drivers in similar vehicles & operational areas to see if there are any areas of improvement available.



When fleet electrification for business sustainability goals are being considered, a review of fleet operational data, such as vehicle parking locations, daily/weekly travel distances, and the proximity to charging stations is required. Historical telematic data logs can help fleet managers determine the best locations to install charging stations, the types of vehicles required to make the daily required range of driving, and the amount of downtime that may be required to charge the vehicles each day.

Taxable Benefits

Incorporating telematics solutions into operations can help businesses calculate taxable benefits more accurately and be in compliance with the regulations set forth by the Canada Revenue Agency. The system tracks each trip taken and integrates the data into an easy-to-use dashboard and mobile app. This means that when tax season rolls around, trip information can be easily retrieved and used to calculate personal/business expenses for taxable benefits. Telematics can help reduce administrative overhead by automating a significant portion of the reporting process by accurately capturing odometer data and intelligently distinguishing  between personal and business-related trips.

Accident Management

Van Tow Truck

An accident management solution that makes the most of telematics data is the perfect ally for fleet managers when unexpected incidents happen. Its mission is to provide comprehensive assistance 24/7, managing towing, transportation, repairs, and the time-consuming claims/subrogation processes. With this proactive approach, driver downtime is reduced, repair costs are minimized, and administrative tasks are simplified through features like a 24/7 claims hotline, real-time incident alerts, vehicle health monitoring, customizable alerts and reporting, and driver scorecards. Telematic data is able to capture GPS and G-force information which provides valuable insights for accident analysis, insurance purposes, and future prevention.


A customizable reporting platform that can integrate with telematic data offers powerful insights for enhanced fleet management. These reports combine historical data from multiple fleet programs to create predictive models for vehicle downtime, maintenance expenses, fuel consumption, and more. By synthesizing this data, fleet managers can proactively engage in decision making and resource allocation. Data benchmarking reports can let businesses compare their fleet’s performance with industry peers, offering valuable competitive insights.


Looking to take fleet management to the next level? Jim Pattison Lease offers a wide range of telematics services allowing fleet managers real-time visibility into tracking their fleets’ activities, performance metrics, and important driver behavior data. Our services prioritize safety by analyzing driving patterns and identifying areas for improvement by helping optimize routes, reduce fuel consumption, and save money while improving operations. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities our comprehensive solutions can provide for your business.

Carol Tsai
Product Operation Specialist
Jim Pattison Lease