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What makes telematics so important?

Mar 22, 2019 | Posted in Technology


Fleet management customers are adopting telematics technology at a rapidly increasing pace. More companies are connecting their vehicles in order to gain real time insights into what is occurring within their fleet. A good fleet management company understands that telematics is an important tool that can help improve safety and productivity, increase fleet utilization, and reduce operating costs of any type of fleet. Telematics provides access to significant amounts of vehicle data that can be utilized with business intelligence and artificial intelligence tools.

telematics is an important tool that can help improve safety and productivity, increase fleet utilization, and reduce operating costs of any type of fleet

In addition, many fleet clients are taking advantage of fleet management company capabilities of embedding telematics data directly into a fleet management system, allowing fleet managers the convenience of a single platform to manage all aspects of their fleet. This includes consolidated security, billing, and analytics. These integration capabilities ensure that only the information of utmost importance is refined for review, resulting in quicker decision making for fleet clients.

Jim Pattison Lease offers a wide variety of telematics and connected vehicle  solutions to help enhance your fleet experience, by increasing efficiency and safety, while reducing costs. To find out if telematics are a right fit for your fleet and to read more, click here.

Zero Emission Vehicles

Feb 21, 2019 | Posted in Vehicles

With close to a third of CO2 emissions coming from the transportation sector, Jim Pattison Lease believes there is a need, from both an environmental and economic perspective, to transition certain fleets from internal combustion engines to alternative powertrains.

Our strategy is to enable our clients to operate cleaner vehicle fleets which are more cost effective to drive and maintain, which ensuring their business needs are met and exceeded.

Research shows that the transition to Zero Emission Vehicles is expected to occur over the next 2-5 years, depending on the following variables:

  • Potential fuel savings through the use of Battery Electric or Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles.
  • Vehicle up-front acquisition cost
  • Qualified service facilities across Canada for both existing and new vehicle manufacturers.
  • Convenient personal, public, and private fast charging stations within every market.
  • Adequate manufacturers’ warranties on batteries and fuel cells.
  • Lower life cycle cost of ownership; both fixed and variable.
  • Government incentives and rebates.
  • Clients use case for vehicles (route assigned, return to base, and on-site vehicles may have a higher adoption rate as they can pre-plan vehicle charging)

Through ongoing research, along with involvement with the zero emission vehicle sector, and robust data analytics available, Jim Pattison Lease can collaborate with clients on options and viability to move to zero emission vehicles. If you would like to learn more about Zero Emission Vehicles and how they can impact your fleet, contact us today.


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