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How To Choose A Telematics Provider?

Amidst today’s highly logistical landscape where operational excellence is necessary, an ever-increasing number of fleet managers are actively pursuing telematics solutions. These solutions lead to elevating fleet operations and improving efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness. When choosing a telematics provider to reach these goals, there are some specific needs fleet managers should focus on in order

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A 2,000 KM Trip In A Tesla (Vancouver to Calgary & Back)

I recently made a 2,000km round road trip which started at the Jim Pattison Lease Burnaby office to our Calgary office, including a quick stop at our Kelowna office along the way. This is a trip that I have taken a total of 25 times over the past 5 years in gas-powered cars - until

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Predictive Analytics: A Game-Changer

In today's highly competitive market, small and medium-sized businesses with fleets of pickup trucks and work vans need every advantage they can get. This is where the power of predictive analytics comes in. The ability to analyze current and historical data to make predictions about future events has become an essential tool for fleet

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Should I Repair My Windshield Chip?

Technology has improved our present lives in many ways from smartphones to cars. With cars, technology has advanced to such an extent that ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) microchips and sensors are installed in and directly behind windshields to ensure the vehicle's safety. These sensors help in keeping the car stable on the road and

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Ensure your company is managing fuel costs effectively. Here are some tips to improve Fuel Economy.

Managing your vehicle fleet's fuel economy is important because it can save costs, reduce environmental impact, ensure compliance, increase efficiency, and enhance safety. Efficient fuel management can greatly help you make informed decisions about purchasing new vehicles and maintaining existing ones, which can positively impact the long-term success of your business. Here are our

When the temperature drops, does your EV range go with it?

Winter in Canada means it's time to bundle up, sip some hot cocoa, and… worry about your electric vehicles range? In the chilly northern winter, an electric vehicles range can take a serious hit due to the lower temperatures. At -19℃, you might as well wave goodbye to your range as it can drop

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Fleet Optimisation: Reporting & Big Data

An enormous amount of data on fleet spending and operations is created each year. Discovering how to analyse this data in a way that can be easy to read and interpret is crucial for efficient fleet management. Learning how to harness your fleet's data can help unlock important and actionable insights to improve operations.

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Winter Driving Tips

With the fall and winter seasons just around the corner, now is the time to ensure your fleet and drivers are properly equipped to brave the cold. Remember, an ordinary driver reacts to road situations, a good driver anticipates crises and avoids them. Keeping your vehicle in good technical repair reduces your overall chances

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Fleet Leasing 101: How Can Vehicle Leasing Help My Business?

What is fleet management? Fleet management is a service and process whereby a company outsources all vehicle acquisitions, mechanical services and fuel purchases, telematics, remarketing, etc. to a fleet management company (FMC). What is the difference between a vehicle rental and a lease? Rentals and closed-end leases are similar in structure and are usually

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The Importance of Proper Vehicle Maintenance

Given current vehicle shortages, both individual and company fleet vehicles may need to remain on the road longer. To keep vehicles running safely and avoid costly repairs down the road, it is important to keep your vehicle(s) properly maintained. When a vehicle is running smoothly and performing optimally, not only is there less strain on

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