An enormous amount of data on fleet spending and operations is created each year. Discovering how to analyse this data in a way that can be easy to read and interpret is crucial for efficient fleet management. Learning how to harness your fleet’s data can help unlock important and actionable insights to improve operations. Here are some tips for an efficient data analysis:

Visualise Your Data

Charts, graphs, dashboards, benchmarks or other data visualisation tools can provide an easy-to-digest overview of your fleet. This can help you gain a better understanding of key performance indicators and quickly identify any possible inconsistencies or discrepancies.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Every fleet manager wants to cut out unnecessary expenses, but to do it in a tactical, measured method without sacrificing quality of work requires smart, data-driven recommendations.  Scheduling automatic reports and investigating your data through alerts and exception reports is an excellent alternative to help reduce the amount of time spent manually creating and reviewing fleet data.

Customised Reporting

Every company has its individuality and uniqueness to the way they do business, which is why JPL recognizes the importance of customisability to our data implementation approach. No two businesses will benefit from the same cookie-cutter reports, so our reporting team works with each client personally to provide custom tailored reporting to fit their needs.

Obtain Predictive Analytics

Big data-driven analytics can facilitate important decisions such as: the best time to replace a vehicle, what vehicle is more efficient for your company, or to detect potential maintenance issues to minimise downtime before a costly roadside breakdown occurs.

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Written by Juliana Holanda
Customer Experience Representative
Jim Pattison Lease