Technology has improved our present lives in many ways from smartphones to cars. With cars, technology has advanced to such an extent that ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) microchips and sensors are installed in and directly behind windshields to ensure the vehicle’s safety. These sensors help in keeping the car stable on the road and assist in collision avoidance. With this innovative technology, the average cost of windshield replacements and calibration has also increased significantly by 16% in 2022 compared to the historical 4.25% in previous years.

What are some different vehicle sensors that can be affected by windshield damage?

Autonomous Emergency Breaking (AEB) uses radars, lasers, or cameras to measure the distance to obstructions and automatically brakes if the distance shortens suddenly. Lane-departure warning alerts drivers with flashing indicators and chime sounds if they are at risk of leaving their lane unintentionally. Adaptive cruise control allows drivers to set a steady speed that adjusts to match slower vehicles in front using sensors behind the windshield.

A chip repair process restores small chips or cracks in a windshield that are usually caused by debris on the road, such as stones or pebbles. These small chips or cracks, when left unattended can spread and cause blockage to important sensors and the driver’s vision or can eventually shatter. Hence, it is important to get chip repairs fixed as soon as possible.

Why are windshield repairs important?


Chip repairs are significantly cheaper than windshield replacements. A chip repair can cost as little as $100, whereas a windshield replacement can cost upwards of $1,000 for original equipment manufacturer parts.


Sensors and microchips installed in windshields ensure the vehicle’s safety. These assist in collision avoidance and keep the car stable on the road. If the windshield is damaged, these sensors and chips may not function correctly, which could result in a potential accident.


Repairs can be done quickly and efficiently in as little as 30 minutes up to a max of 4 hours. With our busy lives, it is more convenient to get a chip repair fixed than to spend an entire day getting a windshield replacement done.

Not All Chips Or Cracks Can Be Repaired

If the chip or crack is too big or in the driver’s line of sight, a windshield replacement may be necessary. There are fines in many provinces for damaged windshields varying from $70 all the way up to $200.

It is important to have chip repairs fixed as soon as possible to keep both the driver safe and the car technology working properly. Chip repairs are cost-effective, safe, convenient, and can be done quickly.

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