Managing your vehicle fleet’s fuel economy is important because it can save costs, reduce environmental impact, ensure compliance, increase efficiency, and enhance safety. Efficient fuel management can greatly help you make informed decisions about purchasing new vehicles and maintaining existing ones, which can positively impact the long-term success of your business.

Here are our top 8 expert tips to help manage your fuel fleet costs:

1) Ensure vehicles are properly maintained. A poorly maintained vehicle can consume approximately 20-30% more fuel than a properly maintained one.

2) Check tire pressure. Improperly inflated tires can significantly affect fuel consumption. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on proper tire pressure and care.

3) Adjust driving habits and take advantage of vehicle features such as cruise control systems.

4) Reduce fast starts and stops, as these habits increase fuel consumption.

5) If your vehicle comes equipped with a block heater, plugging it in can help increase fuel economy by ensuring the vehicle gets to proper operating temperature quicker. Most block heater systems will also help heat up the cabin faster so the vehicle does not have to idle for long to warm up the cabin.

6) Consider implementing a fleet idling policy. Modern technologies such as telematics are gaining popularity as they increase safety and compliance. Most telematics systems can also track idling, so fleet managers can analyze the data quickly and easily.

7) Utilize the manufacturer recommended fuel for the vehicle. Most vehicles do not require premium fuel.

8) Use telematics and data analytics to determine vehicle usage patterns to ensure they align with business needs.

Jim Pattison Lease understands that fuel is a significant contributor to the overall operating cost of your fleet. We can assist in providing suggestions on how to maximize fuel economy specifically for your fleet. Using our fleet services including fuel and maintenance management, reporting and telematics, we can determine which drivers and vehicle usage can improve your fleets overall fuel economy.

For more information and tips to control your fleet fuel spend, contact us today.

Written by Melinda Boyd
Director of Fleet Services
Jim Pattison Lease