The Canadian Transportation Ministry has mandated that, by June 2022, ELDs (or electronic logging devices) will have to be used by all drivers that are currently required to maintain a logbook. An ELD is defined by Transport Canada as “a certified device that automatically records a driver’s driving time and facilitates the recording of the driver’s record of duty status.” The actual duty status rules are unchanged – the mandate only reinforces compliance that all paper logs are to be replaced with an automated logging system. Many fleets are already equipped for full compliance with the use of a telematics system.

There are many benefits from using a certified ELD, including:

  • Automatic, accurate duty status changes based on vehicle movement & engine on/off
  • Fleet managers’ use of a centralized software to gain real-time visibility into all drivers’ duty statuses, including drivers nearing or already in violation
  • Minimize driver fatigue, improve road safety, and ensure lawful compliance; use of an on-screen display to show inspectors at roadside checks
  • Paperless DVIRs (driver vehicle inspection reports): track pre and post trip vehicle inspections with driver signoff & photos, and speed up repairs / maintenance dispatching
  • Easy ELD installs: plug & play installation allows a vehicle to be set up in less than 15 minutes
  • Added benefits of telematics (if embedded into the ELD), such as live vehicle location tracking, historical tracking, harsh driving behaviours, seat belt compliance, speeding, idling, route optimization to name a few

With the mandate’s hard switchover date fast approaching, many fleets are looking to implement a reliable ELD system in their vehicles. To learn more about ELD and how your fleet can be prepared, contact us today for a demo and review of your fleet.

Note: Content provided in this blog is based on currently available information and may be subject to change. For up to date information, visit the Transport Canada website.