Given the current economic conditions, preserving cash and managing cash flow are important steps in the sustainability and growth of your business. Vehicle leasing can be a valuable option for fleets of all sizes to help improve cash flow, manage a safe fleet of vehicles, while also lowering total fleet operating costs.

That being said, is it important to note that not all vehicle leases are created equal. Here are the answers to some of the common questions we receive from customers who operate a fleet of vehicles and are interested in leasing:

Q: Our business puts high kilometres on our vehicles. What are our options if we lease?

A: Jim Pattison Lease offers customized leasing solutions including high kilometre usage options. We also offer open-end leases where there are no over kilometre penalties. Our dedicated account executives will work closely with you to determine your vehicle needs and set term and lease payment structures that match your business vehicle usage.

Q: What are my options at the end of the lease term?

A: Jim Pattison Lease offers various options at lease end including being able to extend a lease, sell the vehicle to your employee, sell the vehicle on your behalf, or provide a buyout option. Our dedicated account executives will work with you at the time of lease setup to discuss the various options available at lease end.

Q: Our business vehicles are typically subjected to harsh driving conditions. How does that affect the lease?

A: We have lease customers that operate their vehicles for various business activities and in very different environments. This can range from vehicles for sales representatives all the way to trucks that operate in resource based mines all across the country. Your dedicated account executive and our vehicle valuation team will work closely with you to determine usage needs and will structure a lease payment that matches your business usage patterns.

Q: We need to add equipment to our vehicles (ie. ladder racks, shelves, truck canopy). How does that work if we lease?

A: One of the benefits of leasing is equipment and up-fitting management. Jim Pattison Lease can work with you to determine your equipment needs, manage scheduling, transport, and payment with various suppliers. These extras can also be combined in the lease payment.  Our leasing program offers a one stop shop include acquiring vehicles, equipment/accessory install, decaling/branding, and final delivery.

Q: Our business likes to support local including working with our local vehicle dealer. How do we continue to do that if we lease?

A: In addition to being able to source vehicles all across the country, Jim Pattison Lease can also work with your local dealer so your business can still support local and maintain any existing relationships you may already have.


To learn more about how vehicle leasing or any of our fleet services can help manage and lower your business vehicle operating costs, contact us today.