Charged-Up About EV’s

Charged-Up About EVs – Electric Winter

  It’s all fun and games until the weather hits -30c. This will be the first time I have driven an EV through the winter, so far everything has been fine except the battery does lose some range; by some, I mean quite a bit. From +25c to -25c, the EV I have been driving

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Charged-Up About EVs – Going the Distance

Tesla Super Charging station located at the CrossIron Mills Mall late at night in Calgary, AB. Randy: One of the first couple of questions people have asked me about driving an EV is “where do you charge it?” and “how long does it last on a charge?”. To best answer the first question, literally everywhere.

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Charged-Up About EVs – Charging Your EV Around Town

Randy: Numerous people have asked me questions about where and how to charge EV’s in the city. The “how’ to charge an EV depends on the brand of EV you drive. In North America, we have mainly four types of EV charging station plugs, you just need to know which one will accept your EV

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Charged-Up About EVs – A “Car Guy’s” EV (Electric Vehicle) Experience

In the first chapter of our new blog series "Charged-Up About EVs", Randy explains what it's like to drive the Tesla Model S for the first time after being in the automotive industry for over 33 years. Meet Randy McMahon, the Prairies Region Remarketing Manager for Jim Pattison Lease. "Having been in the car business

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