Ensure your company is managing fuel costs effectively. Here are some tips to improve Fuel Economy.

Managing your vehicle fleet's fuel economy is important because it can save costs, reduce environmental impact, ensure compliance, increase efficiency, and enhance safety. Efficient fuel management can greatly help you make informed decisions about purchasing new vehicles and maintaining existing ones, which can positively impact the long-term success of your business. Here are our

When the temperature drops, does your EV range go with it?

Winter in Canada means it's time to bundle up, sip some hot cocoa, and… worry about your electric vehicles range? In the chilly northern winter, an electric vehicles range can take a serious hit due to the lower temperatures. At -19℃, you might as well wave goodbye to your range as it can drop to

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Fleet Optimisation: Reporting & Big Data

An enormous amount of data on fleet spending and operations is created each year. Discovering how to analyse this data in a way that can be easy to read and interpret is crucial for efficient fleet management. Learning how to harness your fleet's data can help unlock important and actionable insights to improve operations.

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Jim Pattison Lease Partners with ChargePoint to offer Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging

Jim Pattison Lease has announced it has partnered with ChargePoint to offer their commercial customers electric vehicle charging and infrastructure solutions “For over 61 years, Jim Pattison Lease has prided itself on providing industry leading leasing and fleet management solutions. This partnership is an important step as we guide our customers to a more

5 Tips For Electric Vehicle Fleets

EV’s best practices can be different from how drivers are used to with traditional gas vehicles or Internal combustion engines - ICE. Battery life is the biggest concern of new EV buyers. We at Jim Pattison Lease prepared these great tips to help maximize the life of your EV battery.

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5 Ways To Tackle Rising Fuel Costs With Telematics

No matter the fleet size, looking at telematics is one of the top methods available to save between 15 to 20% each month on fuel costs. Fleet operating costs commonly report that fuel coverage accounts for 60%, making it the number one operating expense. What Is Telematics? Telematics is an

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What Types Of Electric Vehicle Charging Options Are Available In North America?

With an increase of electric vehicles appearing in the news over the past few years, many people are starting to look into the differences between them and the internal combustion engine. One of the most important changes that will be coming to households, urban areas, work environments and more will how to charge an

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Zero-emission vehicle registrations in Canada hit 8.3 per cent in first quarter of 2022

Battery electrics drove the entire increase, reaching 6.2 per cent market share; new model offerings and higher gas prices get credit for the surge New car registration totals for the first quarter of 2022 show electric vehicle uptake in Canada is not slowing down. Instead, it’s gathering speed. According to London-based consulting

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All in favour: Vancouver passes $10,000 gas-station-without-EV-chargers fee

After a round of public engagement and some debate about the merits of putting electric vehicle chargers at gas stations as well as parking lots, the case for accessibility won out and the policy passed with unanimous council support In a bid to make electric vehicle charging more accessible in Vancouver,

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Jim Pattison Lease Announces Customer Fleet Sustainability Program

Jim Pattison Lease has developed an in-house team dedicated to transitioning customers to a more environmentally sustainable fleet future. Through this industry leading program, fleet operators will receive support in analyzing, planning, and implementing sustainable vehicle fleet solutions to assist customers move towards a carbon free future, including managing the transition

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