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Canadian ELD Mandate Announced

Jun 13, 2019 | Posted in News, Technology

On June 13, 2019, Transport Canada published Canada’s long-awaited ELD (electronic logging device) rule in an effort to increase safety and compliance in the trucking industry. In 2 years (by June 2021), ELDs will have to be used by all drivers that are currently required to maintain a logbook. The rules themselves will not be changed, but will simply have to be recorded electronically and automatically.

While a similar mandate has already taken effect in the U.S., there are two notable differences that the Canadian mandate has:

  1. The ELD-compliant devices that will be used in Canada will require third-party device certification; a rule put in place to reduce modification or tampering of the devices.
  2. Existing automatic onboard recording devices will not be grandfathered, meaning existing devices will need to be third-party-certified or replaced with new devices.

“The two-year implementation period may seem quick for some truck owners,” Transport Minister Marc Garneau said, “but I want to reassure you that this period will allow them enough time to set up and install the devices. In doing this we are looking to reduce truck and bus crashes due to fatigue.”

While the industry awaits the government to work with ELD suppliers to identify a third-party certification institution, there are current suppliers that are already ELD compliant in the U.S. such as Geotab that can be explored.

Read more about the mandate here.

What makes telematics so important?

Mar 22, 2019 | Posted in Technology


Fleet management customers are adopting telematics technology at a rapidly increasing pace. More companies are connecting their vehicles in order to gain real time insights into what is occurring within their fleet. A good fleet management company understands that telematics is an important tool that can help improve safety and productivity, increase fleet utilization, and reduce operating costs of any type of fleet. Telematics provides access to significant amounts of vehicle data that can be utilized with business intelligence and artificial intelligence tools.

telematics is an important tool that can help improve safety and productivity, increase fleet utilization, and reduce operating costs of any type of fleet

In addition, many fleet clients are taking advantage of fleet management company capabilities of embedding telematics data directly into a fleet management system, allowing fleet managers the convenience of a single platform to manage all aspects of their fleet. This includes consolidated security, billing, and analytics. These integration capabilities ensure that only the information of utmost importance is refined for review, resulting in quicker decision making for fleet clients.

Jim Pattison Lease offers a wide variety of telematics and connected vehicle  solutions to help enhance your fleet experience, by increasing efficiency and safety, while reducing costs. To find out if telematics are a right fit for your fleet and to read more, click here.



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